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A contribution of your time, talents and funds are valuable contributions because it’s a pillar of strength for our single parents who want to provide a better life for their children. If you have a service you can offer or want to know how you can volunteer please fill out the form below.

Donate your Services: Medical, Legal, Auto repair, Hair Salon services, Insurance, Event planner, etc.

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Resources Network(s): Giveaway items, Gift Certificate

Special Events: Volunteers and Networkers for Fundraising Opportunities.

Donate used car(s) in good condition.

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Host a Fundraiser 1. Choose what you love to do. That might be dancing, running, or something you and your friends enjoy.2. Set a goal. See how much love your friends and family can help you raise.3. Share! Take a lot of pictures and videos to inspire others to raise funds #SPC.